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Karin Hjorth, Esq., passed the February 2020 California Bar Examination

Steven was the guide I needed to pass the California Bar Exam! 


Nicole Clark, Esq., signed up late in the game, passing grade all the same!

I passed Feb. 2014!!  With only a couple weeks left before the exam, I reached out to Steven and decided to take his PT course as well as get feedback on CA essays.  I was a transplant attorney from the east coast and a single mother trying to study, work and raise a six month old, all on my own.  Failing simply wasn't an option for me.  I would have been out of a job and not be able to support my child.  The stakes were really high! Steven was very real with me right from the start.

The State Bar of California Erased FIVE YEARS OF ESSAYS AND PERFORMANCE TESTS from its web site!


On June 7, 2012, the State Bar of California removed electronic access to its essays and PTs from the Feb. 2002 - July 2006 California Bar Examination.  Baby Bar essays too.

I'm sure it's not intentional.  Regardless, what a great message to send.  We're going to remove 10 Bar exams from our free site in the middle of the bloody Bar season.  Good luck, suckers!

Don't fret for me:  I have hard copies from 1993 - present.  And you can best believe that I will provide access to the five years of evidently verboten questions as soon as I can get them scanned.

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Brian Yosowitz, Esq.


From the Himalayas to Houston to California... a point-generating journey like no other.

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A note about Tuesday's Performance Test on the February 2012 Cal Bar Exam


From what I've heard tonight, the PT was about PR, arising out of a partnership gone awry.  If that's the case, then it would seem logical that a partnership/PR crossover question on Thursday would NOT occur.  The Bar can do whatever it wants, of course.  But they don't seem terribly charitable or magnanimous about its testing choices.  Again, from what I heard PR was the subject matter on the PT - that's where the points were.

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How 'bout those Cal Bar Exam predictions on Tuesday morning?


Almost like they consulted me before setting the exam! 

3 for 3 in the morning - FABULOUS!

First up was a wills/trusts question - just like I said it would go. 

Second was Con Law 1st Amendment free speech.  The 1st Amendment was implicated in the call of the question.  I prepped my students heavily with an enhanced 1st Amendment free speech plan and it sounds like it was useful there!

Third was Evidence... and WINNIN' TIME!'s legendary Evidence Boilerplate shall set you free!

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Putting it all together!

All of this is cute, but how do I pull it all together? You need time to master the issue-spotting process and to memorize the material. I have plans to help you do just that. Your job is not to think. I've done it for you! The Essay Review Week will convert hard-to-spot issues into grapefruits so that you can't help but find them! And the Memory Work has worked for every stripe of student imaginable: young and old, first timer and repeater, traditionally-timed student and learning disabled applicant.

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