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Karin Hjorth, Esq., passed the February 2020 California Bar Examination

Steven was the guide I needed to pass the California Bar Exam! 


Putting it all together!

All of this is cute, but how do I pull it all together? You need time to master the issue-spotting process and to memorize the material. I have plans to help you do just that. Your job is not to think. I've done it for you! The Essay Review Week will convert hard-to-spot issues into grapefruits so that you can't help but find them! And the Memory Work has worked for every stripe of student imaginable: young and old, first timer and repeater, traditionally-timed student and learning disabled applicant.

Optimal Calendaring

Leave the scheduling to me! I can work around family events, your Bar/Bri or Barpassers study schedule, your PMBR 6-day class, or anything else that you've got going on. I ensure that your schedule includes exposure to every type of question tested in the last 18 years. I provide the schedule, you relax and follow directions and keep up. In fact, my calendars are so good that it even anticipate and resolve your panic when you turn the page at the end of June and see that the July exam is upon you!

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