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Hastings Alumna, Esq., passed the July 2019 California Bar Examination

As a Hastings student who was never anywhere near the top (let alone middle) of my class, I knew that I wanted extra support studying for the bar exam.  I was exposed to the yellow book and Professor Harris' method through a critical studies course, and ultimately they were my keys to passing the bar exam on my first attempt.  My bar prep course's materials alone would not have carried me across the finish line, and Professor Harris' program provided something concrete and simple for me to latch onto when I was feeling untethered.  I was used to feeling helpless and lost throughout law scho

Rachel Diggs, Esq. - first time taker

A friend recommended Steven to me & I'm so glad I listened. Steven's tutoring program provided structure I needed, he made studying for the bar seem more manageable, he held me accountable, and gave me useful, constructive feedback during our weekly meetings. If you're looking for a tutor, I highly recommend Steven. -- Rachel Diggs, Esq., passed the February 2016 California Bar Examination

Manita Rawat, Esq. - law firm partner, first-time taker

As a law firm partner who recently relocated to California, I found Steve's program the best and most conducive for someone working full-time and for someone who has been out of law school for over ten years.  His WINNIN' TIME! book provided a concise outline of the subjects to master for the California bar exam and provided great templates that were helpful in structuring the essays in a manner that the California graders want to see.  His Trigger List book, along with his essay review, enables one to consistently be able to identify issues on the essays and write passing ans

When/how do I get it all done?


This is a frequent question of first-timers and repeaters alike.

As obvious as it sounds, there are still 24 hours in a day.  Are you a first-timer in a large lecture course?  If so, you're probably in lecture 5-6 days a week.  You gotta go.  You need the refresher in the substantive law.  It's been 2-3 years since you've heard some of this stuff!  So please go and get as much out of lecture as you can.

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MBE (multiple choice) takers: how well should I be doing right now?


So, uh, how's that PMBR 6-day class going, first-timers?  Are you averaging 30% correct thus far and wondering how you ever got through law school?  Graduation doesn't seem too helpful now, does it?

Fear not, bar takers.  It's NORMAL.  During the 6-day PMBR class or 6-day Bar/Bri MBE class, averaging 30-40% is NORMAL.  Happens all the time.  Some good benchmarks to consider:

6-day PMBR or Bar/Bri class:  30-40% correct on the MBE

Bar/Bri simulated exam (usually in late June, sometimes in July):  52-53% RAW SCORE.

Bar Exam:  63-65%.

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Mark Vanni, Esq.

From a LinkedIn Recommendation:

Details of the Recommendation: "Steven was a great bar tutor. He provided wonderful feedback in grading practice tests and added the extra bit of attention I needed to insure that I passed the bar on the first try. I highly recommend his services."
Service Category: Bar Tutor
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Lia Juhl, Esq.

I realized that I never dropped you a line to let you know that I passed
the July 2009 Bar Exam. I know you are probably swamped with
retakers for Feb bar, so I will (try to) keep this short. I just wanted to
send you a heartfelt thanks for all your help, your awesome book and
your positive attitude. Before I attended your seminar at Cal Northern
prior to starting to study, I was convinced that I was not going to be
able to pass since I had just given birth in February. Your attitude

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