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OK, OK, I get it. You have a great program! I'm still undecided. What now?

You've read some of the many reasons why students work with me to pass the California Bar Exam. Now delve deeper. Look at the tabs at the top of the page. Click on each of them and read through the site. Find out more about me and my background. Thumb through a sample chapter of WINNIN' TIME! (the only Bluebook- and memorize-ready outlines in the industry!). Review a sample chapter of my one-of-a-kind trigger method in The Trigger List (updated through the July 2010 Cal Bar Exam!). Carefully read the testimonials from many students with very different challenges that passed the exam while working with me. Once you're done, call or e-mail me and we'll set up a program that works best for you (working or not, bar prep course or self-study, etc.). Then I'll help you generate points and pass the exam once and for all! 

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