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First-timer? NO PROBLEM. I speak fluent first-timer and will help you see flaws early to maximize the chances of you taking this exam once and only once. Repeater? NO PROBLEM. I know the question you ask when you wake up. I know the question you ask right before you go to sleep. I can help you handle the Status of Failure and I have a plan to help you deal with your day-to-day demons and slay this exam forever! Huge work commitments at your firm during May/June? NO PROBLEM. I will calibrate your calendar to accommodate your work schedule, several times if needed, and help you put it all together. Haven't taken the exam in several years? NO PROBLEM. I can help you "get back in the game" and show you what's changed and how to get to the promised land of passing. Learning disabled student? NO PROBLEM. I specialize in working with students with no accommodations (but really need them), time-and-one-half, and double-time students. Attorney Applicant? NO PROBLEM. I speak fluent practicing attorney and can tell you precisely how to transition from what you're used to to the purgatory of Stoplight Guy. Feel free to delouse after you pass! Pregnant? NO PROBLEM. I've scheduled around it. Death? NO PROBLEM. I've helped students work through it. Death of an animal? NO PROBLEM. I've helped students work through it. If you have a problem and you give me as much notice as you can, I can work with it.

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