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Winnin' Time!

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WINNIN’ TIME! is the most valuable tool you can use to prepare for the California Bar Examination. You can use it months before the exam. Or even 8 days before… If everything else falls apart, WINNIN’ TIME! is the place to go. WINNIN’ TIME! provides the following point-generating tools:

  • Perspective for each topic through the Forest For The Trees
  • A precise listing of how many different ways the subject is tested
  • Backup data showing how each subject has been tested from 1993-2016
  • Discovering “hidden” issues through issue clustering
  • Two revolutionary boilerplates for Evidence and PR that will help you on the hardest and the most frequently tested topics on the bar exam
  • Tips about presenting your exam properly with Multi-Factor Major Issue Tests
  • Outlines include Business Associations, Civil Procedure and Evidence “enhancements”!
  • Clear advice about a variety of important bar exam topics in Quick Hits
  • Saves law students critical outlining time on black letter law throughout law school!
  • FOURTH Edition published Summer 2017!

First-timers and repeaters have passed using the methods and outlines detailed in WINNIN’ TIME!  Top of the class and bottom.  ABA school and CA-accredited school.  From 3L’s to law firm partners taking the exam for the first time in over 20 years.  Students with and without learning disabilities.  Now it’s your turn.  Because soon enough your date with bar exam destiny will come near.  It’s your time.  It’s WINNIN TIME!

Click here for an excerpt from Winnin' Time!

“WINNIN’ TIME! is, hands down, the best bar study resource available!  Because of Steven's outlines I was prepared and confident when I took the July ’07 exam.”  - Rachel Gezerseh, Esq.

"WINNIN’ TIME! contains essential information in a format that is easy to memorize.  During the exam, I could recall so much law that I imagined a bell ringing each time I generated points." – Kerianne Steele, Esq.

“The Evidence Boilerplate made the difference between being a 5th time repeater and a practicing attorney!" – Nerisha Soodeehul, Esq.

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