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Rumored email from the Cal Bar about subjects on the July 2019 Exam (in 3 days) - IGNORE IT

To the Cal Bar exam community:

Tonight, a few students forwarded an email from the Cal Bar identifying the subjects tested on the July 2019 Cal Bar Exam, which will be held in 3 days.

Is it true?  It might be.  It might not be.  You don't care.

Whatever your plan is, keep doing it.

You don't care what is on the exam.  Finish your plan, and take the exam.  You will know what is on the exam soon enough.

And remember this:  you don't know if the facts are true.  They might be.  Or this could be a hack.  Fake News.  The Russians.  Or the truth.

And yet, remember this, Bar takers:  Question 1 will be whatever it will be.  Follow your plan when Tuesday morning comes.

Good luck to all applicants!


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