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Haley D., Esq., passed the July 2018 California Bar Examination

If you want to pass the CA Bar then you have to understand the Bar and what graders expect out of you. That’s where Steve comes in. I highly recommend Steve to keep you on top of your studies, for his feedback, constructive criticism, and to keep you honest with yourself during your bar exam preparations. He has a method and if you stick to it, you’ll pass. Most importantly he’ll prepare you to the point that you walk into the exam room feeling like “I’ve got this.” Which for me, that confidence was key. He’s also a bar wizard. His essay predictions were SPOT on! His knowledge on the MBEs and the MBE study plan he’ll provide for you is crucial to passing.  Invest in Steve, follow his calendar, and you’ll pass the bar.  - Haley D. , Esq., passed the July 2018 California Bar Examination

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