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  • Professor, Bar/Bri Essay Advantage Class (Sacramento), 3 bar seasons
  • Professor, Bar/Bri Performance Test Advantage Class (San Francisco), 15 bar seasons; Professor, Calweasel PT Class (15 seasons)
  • Professor, McGeorge Pre-Bar Exam Class
  • Professor, Santa Clara University Pre-Bar Exam Class
  • Professor, Golden Gate University MBE Pre-Bar Exam Class
  • Professor, Cal Northern School of Law Pre-Bar Exam Class
  • Professor, UC Davis School of Law Pre-Bar Exam Class
  • Professor, USF School of Law Pre-Bar Exam Class
  • 11 years of grading at Bar/Bri
  • Over 35,000 Essays and PTs graded
  • 20 years of tutoring
  • Successfully works with first-timers, repeaters, learning disabled students, Cal-accredited students, and practicing attorneys.


  • Distance tutoring: worked with students in Berkeley, Boston, Irvine, Miami, New York City, Sacramento, FRANCE, ENGLAND, INDIA, ITALY, PERU, SOUTH KOREA, SWITZERLAND, and UAE.
  • I provide 200-350 single-spaced, typed words for every essay you write, about 190-310 more than most courses (including about 1500-2000 words per essay in the beginning stages of the course!)
  • Day-to-day schedule or à la carte program
  • Weekly 1-hour meetings
  • Unique memory work study program for the last 11 days before the bar exam
  • Tutor all aspects of the exam
  • Feedback on what your "friends" are doing on their essays throughout the Bay Area.
  • Outlines on the three "nuanced" subjects with California distinctions:  Civ Pro, Corporations and Evidence.


  • 2 years at the United States Department of Labor (Presidential Management Fellows Program)
  • 1-1/2 years as Staff Attorney for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • 20 years (51 classes) as an Adjunct Professor at UC Hastings (LW&R, Moot Court, Appellate Advocacy, Critical Studies I,  II, III)


I have several references who would be happy to talk to you about my tutoring programs.  Please contact me at if you are interested in contacting any of these references.


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