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Calweasel Performance Test Class


If you have an interest in the class, let me know.  


Endorsements from the PT Class:


Big Firm Partner, Esq.

I am a practicing corporate attorney, and had only limited time away from work to study for the July 2017 California practicing attorneys exam.   I was taking this CA exam nine years after having taken my only prior bar exam in another state, so I was essentially starting from scratch in a number of the tested areas of law.  I found Steven Harris'  WINNIN' TIME! and The Trigger List study aid books to be very helpful, first, to understand what to expect in the essay questions; second, to learn and memorize just the law I needed to know to pass; and, third, to develop and practice an approach to writing effective, point-generating essay answers, quickly.  In addition, having had little prior experience with Performance Tests, I ultimately decided to sign up for Steven's Performance Test Class, and did so on July 9, just two weeks before the exam (and after the in-person classes had already finished).  I listened to the audio files on my own schedule and, again, found the class to very helpful to understand what to expect in PT questions, and to develop and practice an approach to writing effective PT answers, quickly.  These study aids definitely played a very big role in my earning a passing score!  -- Big Law Partner, Esq., passed the July 2017 Cal Bar Examination


Alexandra Wilson, Esq.


Steven came highly recommended to me by a friend who hired him on her third (and successful) attempt at the bar exam.  I hired him for my second attempt, and passed! I chose his "a la carte" program which provided me with tools I believe were essential in passing the exam.  His WINNIN’ TIME! book is perfect for memorizing all of the issues you will ever need to know for the exam, without wasting time reading a lot of background information.  It's very easily digestible and it was my "bible" during bar prep.


Steven's PT Class lectures were also extremely helpful. We talked about knowing how many issues the PTs test on every PT exam ever which made it so helpful to know if I was identifying too many or not enough issues.  He also gave great time-saving advice for how to go through all of the information provided in a PT.

I think the most important part of this program for me was the 11 day memorization plan.  I never thought it would be possible to memorize, almost verbatim, 300+/- pages. The friend who recommended Steven to me told me that on the exam day, it was as if she were taking an open book exam because she had memorized everything in WINNIN’ TIME!  I had a very similar experience. Once I sat down on exam day, every subject was at the tips of my fingers and I quickly wrote down the mnemonic I memorized for each subject and was able to see all of the 100+ issues for each subject. This was so important because my problem on my first try was issue spotting.  With Steven's memorization plan, I was able to make go through every possible issue for each essay and make sure I wasn't missing anything.  Steven's Essay Review Week was also helpful to identify what issues are always clustered together, even if they don't really make sense. That is helpful because if you don't cluster certain issues together, you fail!

Steven is very direct and to the point.  I had a lot of faith in Steven during my bar prep, and hiring him gave me peace of mind.  I felt confident sitting down on exam day, and I felt I definitely had more "tools in my tool belt" than I had the first time.  I highly recommend Steven to first time takers because nobody wants to take this exam more than once!  Cut to the chase and hire Steven!  -- Alexandra Wilson, Esq. passed the February 2017 Cal Bar Exam

Lori Ann Owens, Esq.

Professor Harris,

Thank you so much for your services. I am stunned to say that after 3 attempts I passed the February 2017 Bar Exam. 

The first 2 times I took the exam I used Bar Bri; I must say that your course and materials helped me in a much faster and efficient way. As a military spouse, mother and full-time worker I had a difficult time getting through the materials I had.  And frankly, I felt like I waschasing my own tail for MONTHS.  Your course enabled me to live a realistic life as I prepared and this time was the first time I left the exam with even an ounce of confidence.  

There is no doubt in my mind that your course addressed the core of the issues I dealt with as I did just what you recommended from start to finish.

Thank you so very much for being there to help and guide me through one of my most crucial life moments.  I am thankful I found you and your course and I hope others listen to my high recommendations; I will recommend you to everyone and anyone sitting for this life changing exam.  -- Lori Owens, Esq., passed the February 2017 California Bar Examination

P.S.  I graduated from JFK Law School, a Cal accredited school.  And according to Cal Bar Stats, repeat takers from CA accredited schools had a 15% pass rate... I was a part of the 15%!!!

Steven Bynum, Esq.


I took your PT class after failing the February administration of the California Bar Examination.  I just got the news that my name was on the pass list for July 2016. I was so sure I failed the exam because I was not able to even finish my last PT (could have used about 10 more minutes). But I guess your PT class advice worked wonders because I did pass and am so happy to have spent the money for the PT class.

I also used the WINNIN' TIME! and The Trigger List book which were awesome and helped improve my writing immensely.  Requires-Because saved my bacon this exam cycle so thank you for that!

Thank you so much Steven Harris!


Steven Bynum, Esq., passed the July 2016 California Bar Examination


Leslie Romero, Esq. (signed up on February 1, five days before the class ended)

Hi Steven,

I just wanted to let you know that I did pass the bar exam... And I am super thankful I took your course! Your memorization plan and PT course were both an enormous help to me!

Please feel free to use my email below on your website!

Thanks again for everything!

Thank you,
Leslie Romeo


[And that email is…]

I must say of the three PT courses I have taken (one required by my school "Advanced Legal Writing," Themis's lecture, and your course), your class is leaps and bounds ahead of and superior to both of them combined!

I finished the last lecture this morning and am so relieved... I think the memorization plan is exactly what I needed for these last two weeks.

Speaking of memorization, I ordered WINNIN’ TIME! this weekend.

Thanks again,
Leslie Romeo

Leslie Romeo, Esq., passed the February 2016 California Bar Examination


Benjamin Klein, Esq.


Just wanted to say thanks for the Performance Test Class and for writing WINNIN' TIME!  As a practicing attorney that recently relocated to SF from NY, I did not have months to devote to studying before taking the February 2016 exam.  More like a couple of weeks.  I took your Performance Test class and bought and memorized WINNIN' TIME!.  Luckily, that was enough.

Thanks for the great materials, and your responsiveness throughout the process.


Ben -- Benjamin Klein, Esq., passed the February 2016 California Bar Examination



Pilar Ferguson, Esq.


Thanks to Steven Harris, I passed the California Bar Exam my second time around. I heard about his program from alumni who had previously taken his course. The performance tests and issue spotting in essays were problem areas when I first took the bar in July 2015. Steven's Performance Test class seemed like it would be the perfect fit. His method for attacking the performance tests was exactly the help I needed. His advice to make sure to write about 5-7 issues for each PT was constantly running through my head when I took the exam. 

In addition to the PT class, I bought his WINNIN' TIME! and The Trigger List books. Both proved to be vital to my studying. Steven's essay review program and The Trigger List helped me hone in on what I needed to focus on for issue spotting. I exclusively used his WINNIN' TIME! book to memorize material in the last few weeks before the exam. 
Needless to say, having to take the exam again is emotionally taxing and expensive. I also decided to work full time through January before taking time off in February to exclusively focus on studying. My stress levels were sky high. Steven taught the PT class live in San Francisco on Saturdays, and I would listen to the recorded lectures at home in Los Angeles a week after he posted the lectures. I took the class from a distance but I never felt that I was missing out on anything. Listening to the recorded lectures allowed me to take the class according to my own schedule. I could rewind and re-listen as needed. Steven also provided emotional support in his lectures. His advice on the emotional aspect of taking the exam again was incredibly helpful. 
I highly recommend the Performance Test class and Steven's books, WINNIN' TIME! and The Trigger List. Thank you again!  -- Pilar Ferguson, passed the February 2016 California Bar Examination

Kastle Lund-Turner, Esq. - signed up for the July 2015 class on July 15, four days after the class ENDED, and PASSED the EXAM

A month before the California Bar, I was still unable to complete a Performance Test. I knew I could not pass without mastering the PT, so I turned to Professor Harris for help on July 15, which was four days after his PT Class ended.   After I registered for the course, he sent me the lectures within a half-hour.  Within a week, his technique and words of wisdom put me on the path to success.  I passed!  -- Kastle Lund-Turner, Esq., passed the July 2015 California Bar Examination

Keith Belt, Esq. - took the PT Class while in law school

I was in my last year of law school at San Francisco Law School, and I wanted to get an early start on bar prep.  So I enrolled in Professor Harris' PT Class during the spring semester of law school, before I graduated.  Class exams provided plenty of practice with essay questions, but the PT's are unique, and without any prior exposure to legal writing, I knew they would be a challenge.  Thankfully Steven Harris' PT class not only provided plenty of PT practice, but provided the tools and tips for approaching PT questions efficiently and effectively.  Three hours may seem like a long time to write one PT, but I needed every minute, and this class was key in focusing on what was important in the materials, and more importantly what to ignore.  I was able to maximize the time allotted, and to give the examiners exactly what they were looking for.  And just as important, eliminating the uncertainty of what to expect on the PT exams, gave me confidence, focus, and mental strength, allowing me to pass the bar the first time.

Last but not least, his subject-matter memorization plan helped me to approach the enormous task of memorizing all the black-letter law in a systematic and effective way.  I highly recommend both the class and the written materials for anyone looking to get that extra edge.  –- Keith Belt, Esq., passed the July 2015 California Bar Examination


Thomas "Tom" Yu, Esq.

Hi Steve,
The MOST and probably saving grace on the exam was learning HOW to inventory the library.
Your high pitch voice guided me from one page to another. 
PT-A: I didn't panic but it was not easy for me. I had to sown more time to read the library and the file.
But I knew everyone else struggled as well.
PT-B: Prob my best PT and the first one that it actually made sense to me. Being a cop, we belong to a union and is entitled to representation. The file made sense to me and my outline was concise. I knew exactly what to write. 
I believe God spoke to me and worked through me on that PT because everything was so crystal clear to me.
I believe your course is the bullpen of the bar exam: no one really want to invest the time and money. But without it, one cannot win the game.
All the best,
Tom Yu - passed the July 2015 California Bar Examination
Female applicant who signed up for the Feb. 2015 class on February 8, one day after the class ENDED, and PASSED the EXAM

Steven's PT class was the difference between me failing and passing.  I had always assumed that one could not improve performance on the PTs.  That you wrote how you wrote, and that was it.  I wasn't aware that there were specific things you could do once you opened up the PT to save a lot of time and energy by simply crossing out unnecessary material, and by scanning the library for certain elements of analysis that just popped out most of the time once you knew what to look for.  You can practice many PTs on your own, but if you don't know the tricks of the trade, you're not maximizing your time or your performance.  

My achilles heel was always organization.  Granted, sometimes the examiners make it easy for your by giving you the structure they want you to follow, and sometimes they don't.  But thanks to this PT class, I wasn't spending time freaking out about how to structure my document, and instead I used that time to write an excellent analysis.

One more thing:  I signed up for the class on February 8, the day after Steven delivered the final class live.  It didn't matter - I had access to all of the prior lectures, and I passed!  It's never too late!

Highly recommend it.  -- Howard Law School Alumna, ESQ., passed the February 2015 California Bar Examination

David Chang, Esq.

Steven is someone who will help you pass the California bar!  His goal is to get you the most points possible and his WINNIN' TIME! book and PT Classes are structured with that simple but effective mentality. Steven's WINNIN' TIME! book presents information in an easy to understand manner that is easy to follow and memorize.  Steven's PT Class is practical and takes the mystery out of PTs.  Thank you for your help, Steven!  -- David Chang, Esq., passed the February 2015 California Bar Examination

Janusz Glowka, Esq.

Steven's method has helped me to save time and get a simple and structured approach for tackling the essays - ideal when you are a slow typer or not a native speaker like myself.  His books, WINNIN' TIME! and The Trigger List, are extremely helpful and have all the essentials required to pass the bar.  The Performance Test class was also excellent.  It was eye opening to learn that a PT is nothing but a scavenger hunt. I also took a à la carte class which I can recommend.  -- Janusz Glowka, LLM (UC Hastings), passed the February 2015 California Bar Examination

Golden Gate Law alumna, Esq.

Steve, your PT Class, WINNIN' TIME!, and The Trigger List were one of a kind. I really learned what i have never seen anywhere else.  I believe this helped me truly understand the structure. -- Golden Gate Law alumna, passed the February 2015 California Bar Examination

Sara Huffman, Esq.

I passed!!  Thank you so much for all of your help and support, Steve.  

Your PT class was truly an integral part of my success. The "other nationally named" bar course I simultaneously took treated PTs as an insignificant portion of the exam and provided almost no helpful instruction. Without your course, I never would have known PT's actually make or break a passing score. The in-depth strategic and substantive information you covered along with your personalized feedback and grading allowed me to improve from very poor, unfinished PTs to strong PTs fully completed with, no joke, 15 minutes to spare on the actual exam. -- Sara Huffman, Esq., passed the July 2014 California Bar Examination

Dennis Lee, Esq.

The Performance Test was my least confident portion of the bar exam, so in addition to Barbri, I decided to sign up for Steven Harris’ PT Class.  The lectures were very helpful and the feedback I received from Professor Harris was an essential contributor to passing the July 2014 California Bar Exam!  -- Dennis Lee, Esq., passed the July 2014 California Bar Examination

Denise P., Esq.

I found that attending Steven Harris's Performance Test class and applying the specific techniques from his Guide to Performance Tests on the California Bar Exam were both essential to passing the California Bar Exam.  During the exam I was able to complete both performance tests to my satisfaction, spell check them, and still had time to spare on both. I never could have done that prior to taking Steven's PT class and applying the techniques in his Guide. -- Denise P., Esq., passed the July 2014 California Bar Examination

Eric Law, Esq.

Steven -- Excellent!  I passed!  Thanks for your help!  I passed in spite of the computer problems I and dozens of other people had on the first Tuesday PT.  You may use the effusive email I sent you February 7 as an endorsement.  –Eric

From: Eric Law
To: steven harris
Sent: Friday, February 7, 2014 12:56 PM
Subject: RE: Question about Third PT

Regarding the feedback you attached.  I just wanted to respond immediately to tell you that I've taken four PT courses over the years, and I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED SUCH EXTENSIVE AND PERSONALIZED AND HELPFUL FEEDBACK, EVER!  You are the BEST, Steven!  Thank you! -- Eric Law, Esq. , passed the February 2014 California Bar Examination

Horace de la Vega, Esq.

Dear Steven,

I PASSED!!!!!!  Much of the credit goes to you and your study system.  The PT class opened up my eyes on how to truly tackle PT's and your feedback on was second to none.  Also, I used your WINNIN TIME book for all my black letter law which streamlined the writing style needed for the Bar.  Likewise, I used the TRIGGER LIST to practice issue spotting and it showed me how the Bar tested all the subjects.  Lastly, you gave me practical hints and advice for essays and PT's that I used to pass the exam.
Please know that without your help this would not have been possible!!!  Everyone who is having trouble passing the Bar should contact you, they will not regret it.
I am very grateful.
Horace A. de la Vega- passed February 2014 Cal Bar Exam

Tanya Brown, Esq.


            I am happy to tell you that I have FINALLY passed the February 2014 Bar Exam on my 12th attempt! It has been a very long six year journey for me and I am so glad that I found out about your PT Review Course! In this class, not only did I learn what I was doing wrong but I learned valuable tips to help me generate crucial points that I know allowed me to pass this exam. The format of your class allowed me to focus on the test even though I was working full time and had a family! Had I known about this class, I would have taken it directly after law school! You gave me the motivation that I needed despite my many failed attempts at this exam!  I also credit my success with my bar essays to your WINNIN’ TIME! and The Trigger List books. I can't believe how I had wasted time in the past taking this exam without the aid of these two books.  I am going to tell everyone I know taking the Bar about you and your course because I could not have passed this exam without it! Now I can move forward with my life.  Thank you!! --Tanya Brown, Esq., passed the February 2014 Cal Bar Exam


Nicole Clark, Esq.

I passed Feb. 2014!!  With only a couple weeks left before the exam, I reached out to Steven and decided to take his PT course as well as get feedback on CA essays.  I was a transplant attorney from the east coast and a single mother trying to study, work and raise a six month old, all on my own.  Failing simply wasn't an option for me.  I would have been out of a job and not be able to support my child.  The stakes were really high! Steven was very real with me right from the start. He told me to study now and sleep after I passed the bar. His PT course was absolutely crucial to me passing. I also found his advice regarding essays and memorization schedule really helpful. I signed up too late to take the PT course in person, but Steven allowed me to participate remotely and watch it on my own time. I used every one of his tips during the exam.  While people around me were painstakingly reading every section of their library, I was crossing out huge portions as I had learned to do and not wasting time.  His method works.  I'm proof.  Thanks Steven!! -- Nicole Clark, Esq., passed the February 2014 Cal Bar Exam


Angela Cobb, Esq.

Dear Steve,
I PASSED! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your awesome tutoring program and PT class-receiving your feedback and working your program is what finally did the trick for me. God bless you!
Angela J. Cobb, Esq., passed the February 2014 California Bar Exam


Michael Panah, Esq.

Hi Steve,

I would just like to let you know that I have found out earlier that I have passed the February 2014 California Bar Exam.  This is indeed one of the happiest days of my life.  I partly owe my success to your very valuable PT course that I had taken in preparation for the last bar exam.  I felt that every one of your PT classes have been tailored to boost applicants’ performance and to give all the necessary tips as to how they could save time and to be ahead 1/2 hr to 45 minutes in reading in order to sort through Library and File, how to organize and outline.  Next you give your individual students undivided review and valuable critics of their practice PT test.  That to me was highly important to build my confidence and to show me that I am on the right track or not.  On the first day of the exam, and at the end of the first PT-A test I knew that I have followed your approach point by point and that I had passed the 1st PT test.  I had the same experience on the third day of exam upon completing the PT-B test! 

Additionally, you had gone above and beyond to give valuable tips on how to prepare for the essay tests by recommending using your Essay Review Week, sharing your Memory Work lecture, and pointers on how to avoid pitfalls.  Your approach to me has proven that you truly care about your students’ success on the bar exam by giving them not only the PT test tutorial but also to provide additional valuable information about essay topics, memorization tools and issue spotting approach, yet not to leave out the Evidence and PR Boilerplates.  I followed your advice verbatim.

In conclusion, I am very thankful to you for your valuable PT course, great tips and helpful information that had indeed help me to pass the bar exam.  – Michael Panah, Esq., passed the February 2014 California Bar Examination

Karl Sung, Esq.

I passed the July 2013 California Bar Exam on my first try in large part because of Steven Harris’ WINNIN’ TIME book, TRIGGER LIST book, and Performance Test (PT) class. 

The PT Class was invaluable.  It provides a strategy to reading the file and the library that saves an immense out of time.  It also provides an approach to writing a memo, letter, etc. that is short and to the point.  After taking Steven’s PT class, I was attacking those PT’s, looking for key words, phrases, particular signals and indicators that trigger an issue that should be addressed.  Steven also corrected four PT essays with invaluable feedback.  This was easily as important as the lectures themselves. 

Finally, some things I would like to mention.  Steven’s teaching method is no-nonsense, this is what you must do, approach.  None of this wishy-washy, “it depends” or let’s discuss, style of teaching.  Steven just told me what to do and that’s exactly what I did, and I passed.  In the PT Class, Steven provides an approach on studying and memorizing during the final month before the exam itself.  Make no mistake, what Steven tells you to do in that final month is rigorous and grueling at times.  But I followed it to the best of my abilities and it worked.  When I walked out of that exam room, I had no idea as to whether I passed or not.  But what I did know, and I specifically remember telling myself this when I stood up to leave, was that my studying approach was effective.  Steven’s two books and his PT class made my studying for the bar exam effective and, in my opinion, that’s the most important aspect to passing the California Bar. -- Karl Sung, Esq., passed the July 2013 Cal Bar Exam

Molly Franck, Esq.

Hi Steven!
I just wanted to drop you a line to say “Thank You” and let you know that I passed the July 2013 CA Bar Exam!
As you know, this was my third consecutive attempt, and I think that taking your Performance Test Workshop and utilizing your step-by-step essay review plan during the last 10 days prior to the bar exam REALLY MADE THE DIFFERENCE!
I also purchased both of your books, WINNIN' TIME! and The Trigger List and found those aids to be an essential part of my study repertoire.  
Basically, what I learned through this year-long process of repeat bar exams is that knowing the law ISN’T enough – you have to know THE TEST – BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS – and you teach your students how to do just that! 
With gratitude,
Molly Franck, Esq. -- passed the July 2013 Cal Bar Exam

Nicole Richardson, Esq.

Hello Steve:
I just wanted to give you some wonderful news! I went ahead and took the bar exam (I did call them after my grandfather's passing and because he was an immediate family member, they would have credited the entire amount). But because the funeral was the Friday after the exam, I took the exam anyway.
And my name appears on the pass list!!!!!!
I was not able to check on Friday and Saturday because I was out of town. And I can no longer check by inputting my file number/applicant number. So I am just praying that the pass list is not a mistake and that my name is actually supposed to appear on that list.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. I know that it was the wonderful feedback and instruction that I received from you that did it this time for me. I know that PT A was hard for a lot of people but this one did not throw me because I just took a deep breath and applied exactly everything that you taught me. I mean EVERYTHING!!!  I did not question it - I just did it!
I will confirm with you once I actually receive my letter. But it feels so good to say: I PASSED!!!!!
Thank you again for all that you do! -- Nicole Richardson, Esq., passed the July 2013 Cal Bar Exam

Irina Trasovan, Esq.

I could not have passed the February 2013 Bar Exam without Steven Harris. I had not completed a single PT in the allotted time before working with Steven. I struggled to get through the reading and did not know where to begin to figure out the structure of a performance test. In the very first session of the PT class Steven shared with us his method, a step-by-step guide to tackling any type of performance test that the Bar Examiners could throw at you. You might wonder what makes Steven's method special. It is special because it really is a step-by-step guide. Steven does not merely tell you that you need to issue spot or outline, he explains in very basic, easy to follow steps HOW to issue spot or outline. Perhaps the most invaluable part of the class was the substantive and very detailed feedback Steven provided on the four full PTs that I turned in. With Steven's help I cut my reading time in half, learned how to spot issues, and completed both PTs on the February exam. -- Irina Trasovan, Esq., passed the February 2013 Cal Bar Exam.

Sam Crary, Esq.

I passed on the first try and I can't thank Steven enough for the advice and tutoring (via the audio lectures) on the PT. Even though I only found out about Steven's PT course 12 days before the exam, I was able to listen to the lectures, squeeze in the practice PTs, and implement his memorization strategy, all at the last minute. It gave me a streamlined approach that helped me learn how to focus on what counts and not get bogged down on the stuff that doesn't matter. It saved me time, and I went from struggling to finish PT's to having enough time to at least hit every major issue. I know it really made a difference.  -- Sam Crary, Esq., passed the July 2012 Cal Bar Exam (1st timer, Hastings)

Paul Lovrich, Esq.

I passed the July 2012 exam. I attribute my success directly to your method, WINNIN' TIME! book, and your PT method. My problem was not failing to spot issues, but more what to say and how to say it on exam and when to cluster issues.  In your lectures, you mentioned I should have some level of trust in you and your method and follow it to the letter.  I am glad I did trust you and here I am swearing in in Oakland in two weeks.

Thanks again and have a very happy Thanksgiving.  -- Paul Lovrich, Esq., passed the July 2012 Cal Bar Exam

Ray Wood, Esq.


Thank you for doing what you do.

How is it that a 51 year-old online correspondence law graduate, living on the East Coast, working full time with a family has passed the July 2012 California Bar Exam? I can tell you it is by putting in the hard work and study time. More importantly, by working smart.

Bar exam takers seldom miss the pass list by not studying hard and putting in the time. I know because I missed the pass list three times before getting your two books and taking your performance test course. I then passed the bar exam.

Most law students put in countless hours of focused study. What they are missing are the things that you teach in your books Winnin' Time!, The Trigger List and Performance Test Course.

When I first took your performance course from here in Upstate New York, it was immediately apparent that I could understand the performance test and pass the exam. I ought to know as I had paid for and took five other performance test courses. I was very apprehensive about investing in yet another.

I started out with getting your books, which had outlines for all the subjects. When I took your performance course, I was absolutely shocked at some of the things that you were saying. Game changers. But the thing I really liked was that you based what you teach upon researching past exam answers, which means a student can verify what you share in your lectures. I did just that.

I would hope that my journey can serve as encouragement for those still seeking to get onto the pass list for the California Bar Exam. -- Ray Wood, Esq., passed the July 2012 Cal Bar Exam

Bonnie Bates, Esq.

Steven's Performance Test class is essential for anyone struggling with the Performance Test. After several attempts at taking the California bar, I was becoming discouraged because my Performance Test scores were consistently flat, hindering my ability to pass.

I had tried a couple of other PT prep courses, but their material was redundant and they had little impact on my scores.  However, Steven's PT class provided an innovative approach in reviewing the PT documents, spotting issues, organizing the information, and having adequate time to write the exam.

After taking Steven's class, I approached the February 2012 bar exam with renewed confidence and was able to complete two challenging Performance Tests, knowing that I covered all the essential issues.

I highly recommend this class.  -- Bonnie Bates, Esq., passed the February 2012 California Bar Examination

Shirley Boyd, Esq.

PT’s might as well have been a brick wall, without a doubt the one thing that was standing between me and passing the bar. However I took Steven's PT seminar, in January before the February 2012 California Bar Exam, and without a doubt this was the best thing I had done in preparation for my test. Once I saw his method of how to pull apart a PT exam, the light bulb clicked and the result was a letter from the State Bar of California telling me that they were delighted to inform me that I had passed their test!  -- Shirley Boyd, Esq., passed the February 2012 California Bar Examination.


The easiest way to generate more points on the California Bar Examination is on the Performance Test. Why? PTs are worth two essays, so finding one more issue on a PT generates more points than if you spotted one more issue on an essay… or even up to seven MBE questions. The Calweasel PT Class provides you with simple tools to navigate the scavenger hunt that is the Performance Test on the California Bar Examination. Former Bar/Bri Performance Advantage Professor (15 seasons) Steven Harris provides you with the three building blocks you need to succeed on the PT. First, the theory – an introductory lecture that gives you a clear, realistic roadmap of how to finish and excel on PTs… even if you can’t find the issues by minute 90. Second, the struggle – you take a PT at the end of the first class, triage where you’re strong and where you need help… and receive the most feedback in the industry, all directly from Professor Harris. Third, the follow-up – a one-of-a-kind lecture during the second class where we walk through the entire library, identify how to read 1/3 of what you probably read, and keep things simple and generate points.

There’s more! Let’s face our demons and overcome them. Professor Harris will provide his notes from his real-time simulation of the hardest PT from the last exam. He will walk you through the process of the inventory of the Library and show you what he wrote down in his notes and explain why he wrote what he did. Then he will do the same with the File. And then, to answer students’ age-old question about “how to put it all together,” Professor Harris will show you how to outline the question and identify the 5-7 issues necessary to answer the question.

Don’t have a plan you trust to do generate points on the PTs? Can’t get through the library fast enough? Having problems “putting it all together”? Professor Harris has the answers you need.

Oh yeah, one more thing: if you’re having problems putting it all together on the essays, Professor Harris will provide an extra 30 minutes of instruction on how to improve your issue-spotting on essay exams. And at the last session, he will provide you with a study plan to “put it all together” during crunch time when you need help the most.

Twenty six seasons of experience providing clear, simple answers on the Performance Test. If you are looking to supplement your foundation Bar Review class, or Professor Adachi’s Essay Class, with further help on the Performance Test, the Calweasel Performance Test Class is the place for you.


Professor Steven Harris taught Bar/Bri’s Performance Test Advantage Class for 15 seasons, Bar/Bri’s Essay Advantage Course for three years, and taught his own class for 16 seasons. He worked in private practice and worked as a Senior Staff Attorney for the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He has taught Legal Writing and Research, Moot Court and Appellate Advocacy at the University of California Hastings College of the Law since 2000, and Critical Studies I, II, and III at Hastings since 2016.  He tutored numerous students to success on the California Bar Examination as a private tutor and as a Pre-Bar Exam Professor at several law schools in Northern California since 2001, most notably at Cal-Accredited Cal Northern School of Law.  He is also the author of two books about the California Bar Examination: WINNIN’ TIME! and The Trigger List.


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