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    Happy Day 1 of the Bar Exam, everyone!

    If you are having trouble uploading your exams from today, you are NOT alone:

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    Hi everyone!

    The last day I can ship out a hardcopy book for this season is Wednesday, July 16.  Order at 11:59 pm if you wish, but please order by that time.  I will ship out all books on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday, 8 am.

    If you want your book faster, please select Express Mail shipping.

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  • Eric Law, Esq - computer glitches couldn't stop him!

    Steven -- Excellent!  I passed!  Thanks for your help!  I passed in spite of the computer problems I and dozens of other people had on the first Tuesday PT.  You may use the effusive email I sent you February 7 as an endorsement.  –Eric

    From: Eric Law
    To: steven harris
    Sent: Friday, February 7, 2014 12:56 PM
    Subject: RE: Question about Third PT

  • Heather S., Esq.

    I just found out that I passed the February 2014 bar exam and I have Steven to thank for that!  Before working with Steven, I struggled terribly with the California Bar Exam.  I work at a large firm and had been practicing in another jurisdiction for about 8 years before moving to California.  I have two very young kids, I was working full time and I hadn't taken a Bar Exam in over 8 years.  I really had no idea what I was in for until I failed the test. 
  • Nicole Clark, Esq., signed up late in the game, passing grade all the same!

    I passed Feb. 2014!!  With only a couple weeks left before the exam, I reached out to Steven and decided to take his PT course as well as get feedback on CA essays.  I was a transplant attorney from the east coast and a single mother trying to study, work and raise a six month old, all on my own.  Failing simply wasn't an option for me.  I would have been out of a job and not be able to support my child.  The stakes were really high! Steven was very real with me right from the start.

  • Felicita ("Cita") Torres, Esq.

    I strongly recommend Steve Harris' Tutoring Program.  No matter where you are in your Bar preparation, or in life - whether this is your first, second, third, or 3+ time studying for the California Bar exam, working with Steve will ensure that you are adequately prepared to tackle the beast that is the Cal Bar.

  • Elizabeth Latimer, Esq.... from Brooklyn to Puerto Rico to Cal Bar pass grade!

    I have been practicing public defense in   Brooklyn, New York, for eight years and this was my third attempt at the CA Bar Exam.  Going into the February exam was daunting for all the usual reasons, plus I was going to be taking 10 days off in January to finish a yoga teacher training in Puerto Rico.  Steven assured me at the outset that he thought I could pull it off-- and I did.  Steven is not your friend, or your therapist, or your personal cheerleader.  What he is is an incredibly effective bar tutor.

  • Angela Cobb, Esq.

    Dear Steve,
    I PASSED! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your awesome tutoring program and PT class-receiving your feedback and working your program is what finally did the trick for me. God bless you!
  • Information Regarding Incidents During the February 2014 Cal Bar Examination


    Information Regarding Incidents During the February 2014 California Bar Examination


    San Diego Test Center


    During administration of the February 2014 California Bar Examination at the San Diego Test Center on Tuesday, February 25, 2014, there

    were incidents that caused a disturbance during the end of the afternoon session. As a result of medical issues, two applicants exited

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  • Good luck tonight on the California Bar Examination results!


    Hello everyone!

    Good luck tonight to all applicants who took the February 2014 California Bar Examination!  I hope it is a good night for you like it was for me 14 years ago at this time.

    If the news is good, CONGRATS and have fun and be safe celebrating!  Remember, your passing result is good for five years as of the date of the letter that says you passed.  So get sworn in and rock on!

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  • Karl Sung, Esq - WINNIN' TIME!

    I passed the July 2013 California Bar Exam on my first try in large part because of Steven Harris’ WINNIN’ TIME! book, TRIGGER LIST book, and Performance Test (PT) class. 

  • Karl Sung, Esq - Trigger List

    I passed the July 2013 California Bar Exam on my first try in large part because of Steven Harris’ WINNIN’ TIME book, TRIGGER LIST book, and Performance Test (PT) class. 

  • Sara Rosell, Esq.

    The Short Review: What Steven Did For Me
  • Elyse Rivas, Esq.

    I was a two-time bar loser, and totally defeated. I thought that there was nothing I could do to help me pass the Bar.  I even thought that I might have a learning disability because no matter how hard I tried, I could not maintain all the information that the CA Bar expects their applicants to memorize and apply.

  • Molly Franck, Esq. – 3d Time Was a Charm!

    Hi Steven!
    I just wanted to drop you a line to say “Thank You” and let you know that I passed the July 2013 CA Bar Exam!
    As you know, this was my third consecutive attempt, and I think that taking your Performance Test Workshop and utilizing your step-by-step essay review plan during the last 10 days prior to the bar exam REALLY MADE THE DIFFERENCE!
    I also purchased both of your books, WINNIN' TIME! and The Trigger List and found those aids to be an essential part of my study repertoire.  
  • Adam McConney, Esq - WINNIN' TIME! and The Trigger List

    I received copies of Steven HarrisWINNIN' TIME! and The Trigger List as part of my enrollment in his California Bar tutoring program. I highly recommend both books to Bar exam applicants, as well as law students.

  • Nicole Richardson, Esq. - passed on the 7th try!

    Hello Steve:
    I just wanted to give you some wonderful news! I went ahead and took the bar exam (I did call them after my grandfather's passing and because he was an immediate family member, they would have credited the entire amount). But because the funeral was the Friday after the exam, I took the exam anyway.
  • JULY 2013 CALIFORNIA BAR EXAM sample answers and student bluebooks


    For the first time that I can recall (and I go back 15 years), the Cal Bar explicitly stated a date in whch it "expects" to post sample answers for the July 2013 Cal Bar Exam.  Per the "Information for Unsuccessful Applicants" Memo, at 4:  "Selected Answers from the July 2013 administration are expected to be available online by December 20, 2013."  

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  • February 2014 administration of the CAL BAR EXAM


    Good evening everyone and I hope this is a happy day for those of you who are checking results!

    If you did not take the July 2013 CAL BAR EXAM, or if you did not pass the exam, here are the relevant dates you need for the February 2014 exam:

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    SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 22, 2013 6 p.m. – The State Bar of California's Committee of Bar Examiners reported today that 55.8 percent of the applicants passed the July 2013 General Bar Examination (GBX). If the 4,962 people who passed the July 2013 exam satisfy other requirements for admission, they will become members of the State Bar.

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  • Mike Olsen, Hastings 2L - huge increase in school rank! WINNIN' TIME!

    WINNIN' TIME! helped me excel during 1L. This book is a must have for first year law students.  Indeed, because I used Steven’s book, I easily moved from the top half of my class in my first semester to the top 15% of my class in my second semester.  Steven’s succinct formulation of the rules and compartmentalization of the information through issue clustering make this book a winner.  WINNIN' TIME! made organization of material in my own course outlines almost effortless.  I saved time outlining, but more importantly, I made outlines that were useful to me.


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