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  • Lily Nhan, Esq.

    Steven’s system works.  Two of my friends were repeaters and they both passed the bar exam with Steven’s guidance.  I followed their lead and hired Steve in hopes that he would lead me to success as well.   While I took the bar exam, I worked part t

  • Upload first, drink later!


    Congrats to those of you who finished the bar exam today!

    If you were laptopping the exam, you know what you have to do tonight, right?

    Upload first, drink later!

    As per the Cal Bar:

    Following the examination, applicants will have until 12:00 p.m. (Pacific Time), Friday, July

    29, 2016, to upload their ALL four (4) examination files. If you fail to upload your answer files by the published deadline, a deduction of ten scaled points will be taken from your total written scaled score.

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  • Baby Bar Exam June 2016 update - inappropriate question WILL NOT BE GRADED


    Information Regarding Grading of the  June 2016 First-Year Law Students’ Examination  

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  • Baby Bar Exam update regarding inappropriate question on June 2016 FYLSE


    Yup, the Baby Bar tested Crim Pro on yesterday's exam, even though Crim Pro has never been taught in a 1L Crim Law class.

    The Bar issued a statement today, which states:

    Information Regarding Question 3 on the  June 2016 First-Year Law Students’ Examination  

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  • Manita Rawat, Esq. - law firm partner, first-time taker

    As a law firm partner who recently relocated to California, I found Steve's program the best and most conducive for someone working full-time and for someone who has been out of law school for over ten years.  His WINNIN' TIME! book provided a concise outline of the subjects to master for the California bar exam and provided great templates that were helpful in structuring the essays in a manner that the California graders want to see.  His Trigger List book, along with his essay review, enables one to consistently be able to identify issues on the essays and write passing ans

  • Rachel Diggs, Esq. - first time taker

    A friend recommended Steven to me & I'm so glad I listened. Steven's tutoring program provided structure I needed, he made studying for the bar seem more manageable, he held me accountable, and gave me useful, constructive feedback during our weekly meetings. If you're looking for a tutor, I highly recommend Steven. -- Rachel Diggs, Esq., passed the February 2016 California Bar Examination

  • D.S., Esq., passed the February 2016 Cal Bar Exam

    If you’re like me, you’re cautious about taking advice from a stranger, particularly online.  Do yourself a HUGE favor—this time, ignore that otherwise well-intentioned instinct and listen up.

    If you were unsuccessful on the California Bar, the best thing you’ve done since learning that unfortunate result is you found Steven Harris.

    If you have not yet taken the California Bar, the smartest thing you could possibly do, before anything else, is hire Steven Harris.

  • 2015 Irvine Grad, 2d timer, passed February 2016

    Steven Harris was my number one cheerleader throughout the entire bar prep process, but he never sugar coated anything, which is exactly what a repeat taker needs. The WINNIN' TIME! book was a lifesaver, and the mnemonics – as crazy as they were – actually worked for memorization purposes. I really wish I had the WINNIN' TIME! book when I was a 1L, but you can’t win ‘em all! (Pun intended).  And most importantly, Steven's memorization plan for the bar was essentially flawless.

  • Ryan Davis, Esq.

    Hi Steven! 
    I'm getting home late and have work early in the morning but I want you to know that my name is on the pass list.  I really want to thank you for all the help you gave me; it got me through one of the hardest things I've ever done.  I will recommend your program to whoever is looking for bar tutoring.  I really did learn valuable approaches from you and it made the difference for me.
  • February 2016 California Bar Exam results


    SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, 2016, 6 p.m. — The State Bar of California's Committee of Bar Examiners reported today that 35.7 percent of the applicants passed the February 2016 General Bar Examination (GBX). If the 1,700 people who passed the February 2016 exam satisfy other requirements for admission, they will become members of the State Bar.

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  • It's official: 2-day Bar Exam for California



    Contact: Laura Ernde 


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  • 2015 FRCP Amendments applicable for July 2016 MBE/MEE


    February 2016 applicants, rejoice!

    Dec 2, 2015

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  • Brooks Allen, Esq.

    There are many bar prep programs and tutors out there that will give you a schedule and a bunch of material to study to prep you for the exam. Steve Harris aims to get you inside the mind of the grader and break down the inside baseball of what the examiners actually want you to give them so you can see past the tricks, avoid frequent pitfalls, pass the exam, and get on with your career.
  • Kastle Lund-Turner, Esq. - Took the PT Class with only 13 days to go and PASSED July 2015!

    A month before the California Bar, I was still unable to complete a Performance Test. I knew I could not pass without mastering the PT, so I turned to Professor Harris for help on July 15, which was four days after his PT Class ended.   After I registered for the course, he sent me the lectures within a half-hour.  Within a week, his technique and words of wisdom put me on the path to success.  I passed!  -- Kastle Lund-Turner, Esq., passed the July 2015 California Bar Examination

  • Katherine Teo-Gillette, Esq.

    I passed on my second attempt thanks to Steven Harris’s program.  I am a foreign attorney dually qualified in England and Singapore and Steven's methods helped me focus on exactly what I needed to do to pass the California Bar Examination.  I also worked full-time up until 2 weeks before the exam.

  • Low Pass Rate for the July 2015 California Bar Examination


    A note of context for those who were unsuccessful on the July 2015 Cal Bar Exam:

    You are not alone.

    The pass rate for the July 2015 Cal Bar Exam was 46.6% as noted from the Cal Bar's press release.  The last time the overall pass rate was this low was in 1986, when the exam wasn't even called the July 1986 exam.  It was called the "Fall 1986" exam, and the pass rate was 44.4%. 

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  • California Bar Examination Results - July 2015 - 46.6% overall


    From the Cal Bar's press release:

    SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 20, 2015 6 p.m. – The State Bar of California's Committee of Bar Examiners reported today that 46.6 percent of the applicants passed the July 2015 General Bar Examination (GBX). If the 3,882 people who passed the July 2015 exam satisfy other requirements for admission, they will become members of the State Bar.

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  • Hope you receive good news tonight!


    The wait is over!  Very soon the results will be posted for the July 2015 Cal Bar Exam.

    If you took the exam, I hope that you get good news tonight!

    If you receive good news tonight, congratulations on a job well done!  Celebrate responsibly and have a great time!  No felonies, please.  And please be safe.  What's the point of passing the Cal Bar if you can't be around to get sworn in and get your ticket! 

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  • The Trigger List



    You've missed issues in law school. Or on the Bar Exam. The #1 reason first-timers and repeaters fail the Bar Exam is that they miss issues on the essays. Worse yet, first-timers and repeaters don't know that they've missed issues until 3-4 months AFTER the exam! And even worse than that, have you ever asked your law school prof about how to improve your ability to issue spot? A bar course prof? What were you told? Tell me if this sounds familiar: just look at enough essays and you'll be fine!

    Price: $69.99
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  • Cal Bar Exam changes for July 2017 - you can care now


    Hello everyone!

    I last wrote that Cal Bar was going to change the exam in July 2017 and that applicants should not care about it.  At the time, that advice was correct since inexplicably the Bar voted to make the change on the day before the July 2015 Cal Bar Exam.

    Now that the exam has come and went, we can consider the impact of the changes to the exam.  So... what's changing?

    Currently, the Cal Bar has the following components:

    Tuesday:  3 1-hour essays in the morning, and one 3-hour PT in the afternoon

    Posted By Steve read more
  • Cal Bar Exam changes for July 2017 - you don't care


    Hello July 2015 Cal Bar Exam takers!

    Good luck to you on your exam, which starts tomorrow!

    Posted By Steve read more
  • Northwestern Law School Alum, Esq.

    Steven was instrumental in helping me pass the CA bar exam.  I had taken the exam once prior, and was amazed to see how poor my score was, particularly in the essay and PT sections.  Fortunately, this was Steven's area of expertise.  He laid out a format and study plan that simplified the essay writing process and gave me great confidence on those days of the exam.  After practicing (a lot of practice) with Steven's essay writing tips, and getting his in depth feedback on practice essays, the process became mechanical by test date, saving me valuable time on the exam.  Moreover, Steven was


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