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  • Cal Bar Cut Score Study - report on July 31 Cal Bar Meeting


    Quick edit:  


    Just found Lyle Moran's (Daily Journal) statement about the two options to be considered for public comment between now and August 25:

    1. no change at all - cut score remains 1440.

    2. change cut score to 1414 for July 2017 ONLY and revisit cut score discussion after July 2017 results are released.


    Some thoughts:

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  • July 31 Cal Bar Meeting - Important?


    Hello everyone!

    To the July 2017 Cal Bar applicant pool, I hope your exam went well and for the laptoppers, I hope you uploaded in a timely fashion!

    To all interested parties, I note that there will be a joint meeting on Monday, 11-4 pm, between the Admissions and Education Committee and the Committee of Bar Examiners.

    In the open session, there's only one item:

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  • All that said...


    Note the Supreme Court's admonition of the effective date, though:

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  • California Bar Examination - Cal Bar Loses Authority to Determine Cut Score!


    Hello everyone!

    Good luck to the July 2017 Cal Bar Applicants!  

    Big bombshell today.  As reported on


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  • Sample answers for February 2017 Cal Bar Exam AVAILABLE


    Hello everyone!

    The sample answers for the Essays and PTs for the February 2017 California Bar Examination were posted today, June 22.

    You can find them here:

    If you wish, you can take a moment and mark the end of the 3-day exam, Essay 6, and PT B.

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  • Army First Lieutenant passes the California Bar Examination

    Greetings Mr Harris, 

    I am ecstatic to report passing results on the Feb 2017 CA Bar Exam. Thank you for your dedication to this program and calling. I risked a lifetime of struggle to reach my military career goals by retaking the CA exam- and I could not be more grateful you made the time to include me as a student and prepare me. 

    If you have a PO Box I'd very much like to send you a thank you card. 

  • Big Law associate, Esq., passed February 2017

    Steven really knows the bar exam inside and out and has tons of tips and tricks that the large bar courses don't offer. His materials are on point and he really boils it down to the important stuff to help you focus on point generation. His one-on-one tutoring was personalized and tailored to me unlike the large bar courses' one-size fits all model and access to his knowledge helped answer many of the unknowns and questions I had about the bar.

  • Shar Giridharadas, Esq., passed February 2017

    I just passed the February 2017 CA Bar Exam on my second attempt following an attempt in July 2016.  I know that I would not have been able to pass without participating in Steven Harris’ tutoring program; it was instrumental in helping me to achieve a passing score for many reasons. 

  • Alexandra Wilson, Esq. - passed February 2017!

    Steven came highly recommended to me by a friend who hired him on her third (and successful) attempt at the bar exam.  I hired him for my second attempt, and passed! I chose his "a la carte" program which provided me with tools I believe were essential in passing the exam.



    Something interesting about this press release.  Note paragraphs 2 and 3 (the bolding is mine) - never seen anything like this since at least 1998.  Reading between the lines, I'd think this means that the pass line (or "cut line") for the exam will change.  I have no inside information, no do I know when such a change would take place.  But I think this is the beginning of a change.

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  • Loyola Law School alum, passed the July 2014 Cal Bar Exam

    I discovered Steven Harris' Point Generator program through a posting on a bar exam forum.  I did some more research and decided to work with Steven.

  • SRK, Esq., passed the July 2016 Cal Bar Exam!

    I was a lawyer 8 years out of law school and already a member of the New York bar when I failed the February 2016 California Bar attorney’s exam. I knew that I had put long hours into studying using an online course, and so I was left bewildered by how things could have gone so terribly wrong. Steven came highly recommended to me by a friend who had also failed once and then passed after receiving tutoring from him. She had nothing but wonderful things to say about him.

  • Lauren Coleman, Esq., passed July 2016 while working full time!

    This program is perfect for repeaters and people working while studying for the Bar.  As a member of both groups, I needed a program that would give me what I needed to pass.  I didn't have time to read thousands of pages of outlines while working full time and studying at night. This program teaches mainly through practice questions and personalized feedback.

  • J.P., Esq., passed the July 2016 Exam

    I was a Pennsylvania-licensed attorney with almost ten years of experience at some of the nation’s top law firms when I failed the February 2016 CA Bar Exam. I took a popular bar review course and it simply wasn’t enough given my distance from law school. Steven was the difference the second time around. If you’re a repeat test taker, you must hire Steven. If you’re taking the California Bar for the first time, and are more than five years out of law school, you must hire Steven.



     Lowest pass rate in 32 years:

    July 2016: 43%

    Fall 1984:  41.8%


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  • Happy November! July 2016 bar results and July 2017 Moral Character


    Hello everyone!

    Happy November!  T-16 days until results come out for the July 2016 California Bar Examination.

    An interesting question came up in my Critical Studies Class on Monday.  When should July 2017 applicants submit their Moral Character applications?

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  • Lily Nhan, Esq.

    Steven’s system works.  Two of my friends were repeaters and they both passed the bar exam with Steven’s guidance.  I followed their lead and hired Steve in hopes that he would lead me to success as well.   While I took the bar exam, I worked part t

  • Upload first, drink later!


    Congrats to those of you who finished the bar exam today!

    If you were laptopping the exam, you know what you have to do tonight, right?

    Upload first, drink later!

    As per the Cal Bar:

    Following the examination, applicants will have until 12:00 p.m. (Pacific Time), Friday, July

    29, 2016, to upload their ALL four (4) examination files. If you fail to upload your answer files by the published deadline, a deduction of ten scaled points will be taken from your total written scaled score.

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  • Baby Bar Exam June 2016 update - inappropriate question WILL NOT BE GRADED


    Information Regarding Grading of the  June 2016 First-Year Law Students’ Examination  

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  • Baby Bar Exam update regarding inappropriate question on June 2016 FYLSE


    Yup, the Baby Bar tested Crim Pro on yesterday's exam, even though Crim Pro has never been taught in a 1L Crim Law class.

    The Bar issued a statement today, which states:

    Information Regarding Question 3 on the  June 2016 First-Year Law Students’ Examination  

    Posted By Steve read more
  • Manita Rawat, Esq. - law firm partner, first-time taker

    As a law firm partner who recently relocated to California, I found Steve's program the best and most conducive for someone working full-time and for someone who has been out of law school for over ten years.  His WINNIN' TIME! book provided a concise outline of the subjects to master for the California bar exam and provided great templates that were helpful in structuring the essays in a manner that the California graders want to see.  His Trigger List book, along with his essay review, enables one to consistently be able to identify issues on the essays and write passing ans

  • Rachel Diggs, Esq. - first time taker

    A friend recommended Steven to me & I'm so glad I listened. Steven's tutoring program provided structure I needed, he made studying for the bar seem more manageable, he held me accountable, and gave me useful, constructive feedback during our weekly meetings. If you're looking for a tutor, I highly recommend Steven. -- Rachel Diggs, Esq., passed the February 2016 California Bar Examination

  • D.S., Esq., passed the February 2016 Cal Bar Exam

    If you’re like me, you’re cautious about taking advice from a stranger, particularly online.  Do yourself a HUGE favor—this time, ignore that otherwise well-intentioned instinct and listen up.

    If you were unsuccessful on the California Bar, the best thing you’ve done since learning that unfortunate result is you found Steven Harris.

    If you have not yet taken the California Bar, the smartest thing you could possibly do, before anything else, is hire Steven Harris.


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