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  • Haley D., Esq., passed the July 2018 California Bar Examination


    If you want to pass the CA Bar then you have to understand the Bar and what graders expect out of you. That’s where Steve comes in. I highly recommend Steve to keep you on top of your studies, for his feedback, constructive criticism, and to keep you honest with yourself during your bar exam preparations. He has a method and if you stick to it, you’ll pass.

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  • UC Irvine alumna, Esq., passed the July 2018 California Bar Examination


    I’m so glad I used Steven’s tutoring services. I didn’t have the best grades in law school despite feeling as though I studied as much as my peers. Given this experience, I knew I had to do something different than the standard bar prep program course to pass the California bar exam. That’s how I found Steven. 

    Steven’s program provides the greatest guidance on the essay portion of the bar. He tailors his program for your study pace, and offers much-needed TOUGH love.

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  • California Bar Examination Results - July 2018


    40.7% pass rate is the lowest I can see since Fall 1951 for a July exam.  Per the Cal Bar:

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  • JVF, Esq.

    "When I first contacted Steven Harris I had just recently found out I
    did not pass the July 2009 bar, it was a stressful time to say the
    least. During the course of our conversation I told Steve of my
    woeful essay and performance test scores. Steve assured me that
    he could help. Then I told Steve that my wife was pregnant and that
    my daughter was due to be born the week before the February
    2010 Bar, bad timing, yet Steve reassured me that he could help
    me so long as I followed a personalized plan he would craft for me.

  • S.R., Esq., passed the February 2018 California Bar Examination (lowest pass rate in at least 67 years!)

    May 18, 2018 will always be one of the most memorable days of my life because, thanks to Steven, I passed the California bar!!! I was a high achiever in law school, and I did well in every single class, so when I failed the July 2017 exam, I was heartbroken and felt defeated.

  • S.J., Esq., passed the February 2018 California Bar Examination (lowest pass rate in at least 67 years!)

    This was my first time taking the CA bar exam and the second bar exam I have taken. I knew I needed a tutor to help me stay on track since I would be working while studying. I was particularly looking for a tutor with an outstanding essay preparation program and trusted in Steven at the recommendation of a former classmate and after hearing about his rigorous essay writing schedule, essay review week, PT program and prior experience teaching for Barbri. I am happy to say I passed the exam and I largely attribute my success to the essay skills I learned from Steven. 

  • Monica B., Esq., passed the February 2018 California Bar Examination (lowest pass rate in at least 67 years!)

    After failing the Bar the first time, a good friend recommended that I talk to Steven.  After our first conversation on the phone, I knew that I wanted to work with him.  Steven was incredibly supportive and confident as we moved through bar prep together. 


  • Y.N., Esq., passed the February 2018 California Bar Exam (lowest pass rate since at least 1951!)

    Trust the process!  Seriously.  I highly recommend Steven Harris as a tutor.  His tips and tricks made the bar exam so much more approachable and less daunting the second time around. 

    The first time I took the bar exam, I had failed by a very small margin.  I was upset and disappointed.  Steven understood everything I was going through and was there to pick up the pieces and was so instrumental in helping me move forward.  

  • February 2018 Cal Bar Examination results press release


    27.3% overall pass rate.  Repeater pass rate 23%.  Attorneys' pass rate 43.4%

    The 27.3% is lower than all pass rates for a February exam (and July, by definition), going back to at least 1951.  The Genral Bar Exam Pass Rate Summary's lowest pass rates before today was Spring 1983 (27.7%), Spring 1984 (29.5%), and Spring 1986 (28.1%).

    The Cal Bar's press release is included here in full:

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  • Wash U in St. Louis Law School Alum, Esq.


    I passed.

    You have no idea how good this feels. I'm quite literally crying tears of joy as I type this. I cannot thank you enough for everything that you helped me do in preparation for this test. I would love to write a recommendation for you.

    Today is one of the happiest days of my life. And thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me get here.

  • Registration/Accommodations Application Deadline for Feb. 2018 Exam is JANUARY 16!


    Hello everyone!

    If you have yet to register for the February 2018 Cal Bar Exam, please note that January 16 is the last day to register!  That's the deadline for registration with late fee, as in the "no more extensions deadline."  

    If you don't sign up to take the test by Jan. 16, you will NOT take the February 2018 Cal Bar Exam.

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  • Ally Bragg, Esq., WINNIN' TIME!

    Steven's guidance and book, WINNIN' TIME!, were instrumental in my success in passing the July 2017 California Bar Exam. Steven taught a Critical Studies class at UC Hastings, where he taught us the best way to write bar essays. Prior to his class, I did not know the examiners were looking for a particular format or method.

  • Robin Courtney, Esq., passed the July 2017 California Bar Examination

    Steven’s one-on-one tutoring was the essential element which enabled me to clear the hurdle of passing the July 2017 California Bar Exam.  Specifically, Steven’s technique of issue spotting by reviewing 100’s of sample bar exam hypotheticals and using his “Trigger Method” reduced my fear of issue spotting on the essay section of the exam and gave me the confidence I needed to pass.  I highly recommend hiring Steven as a tutor.  His approach is comprehensive and will significantly increase your chances of passing the exam.

  • Kerri Riley, Esq. - WINNIN' TIME!: purchased in late June, good news in November!

    I want to let you know that I purchased WINNIN' TIME! back on June 26, 2017 -- 29 days before the Bar Exam -- and I am ecstatic to report that I passed the July bar on my first try.

    I truly attribute my success to your method and content.  I cannot thank you enough! -- Kerri Riley, Esq., passed the July 2017 California Bar Examination

  • Jennifer (last name withheld at applicant's request), Esq., passed the July 2017 California Bar Examination

    Knowing that my chances of passing the CA Bar the 1st time were even lower than most applicants since I attended an unaccredited online law school, I fortunately came across Steven's website as I considered hiring a tutor.   He fit me in as a new student and promptly sent me the WINNIN’ TIME! book.  As I skimmed it, I realized I had struck gold.  The book alone would have been worth the cost of tutoring for me as it became my "Bible" in the months and weeks prior to the July 2017 exam.  

  • Scott Kalter, Esq., passed the July 2017 Cal Bar Exam

    I highly recommend Steven Harris' program for the California Bar Examination, whether it's your 1st time or your 5th time.  In fact, his materials will give you an advantage in any jurisdiction. 

  • Imran K., Esq., passed the July 2017 Cal Bar Exam

    I highly recommend Steve Harris’ program for California Bar Examination repeaters. His books WINNIN’ TIME! and The Trigger List are absolute must-haves for anyone who wants to pass this thing. There’s a lot of great things I could write about Steve’s wonderful program, but I’ll focus on some of the best things.

  • Cal Bar Exam pass rate INCREASES! Why? Read on...


    Hello everyone!

    Great news tonight for more Cal Bar Exam applicants this year.  49.6% passed July 2017, which is a 6% increase year over year from July 2016.


    One indicator, surprisingly enough from a nationwide perspective, was a nationwide (and California) INCREASED score on the MBE.

    From July 2013-2016, MBE scaled scores have been trending DOWN significantly.


    July 2013  1459

    July 2014  1435

    July 2015  1424

    July 2016  1421

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  • Cal Bar Exam passing score will not change


    On October 18, 2017, the California Supreme Court concluded, "Based on that review and balancing all considerations, the court is not persuaded that the relevant information and data developed at this time weigh in favor of departing from the longstanding pass score of 1440."  Candidly, an odd result given the long and winding road that started with ABA law school Deans writing a letter, then testimony before the assembly, then standard setting studies, then the Supreme Court taking the unpre

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  • Kim Sherman, Esq. - WINNIN' TIME! and Oregon Bar!

    Yes, folks, students can use WINNIN' TIME to pass bar exams using the UBE, such as Oregon!
  • Winnin' Time!


    WINNIN’ TIME! is the most valuable tool you can use to prepare for the California Bar Examination. You can use it months before the exam. Or even 8 days before… If everything else falls apart, WINNIN’ TIME! is the place to go. WINNIN’ TIME! provides the following point-generating tools:

    Price: $89.99
  • evaluating the cut score for the Cal Bar - from the Cal Bar


    From the State Bar's web site:


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